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Classic Title - Bedford, Indiana
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Seller's Estimated Proceeds from Sale of Property
Prepared For: Office Phone:
Address: Mobile Telephone:
Prepared By: Voice Mail:
Firm: Fax:
Email Address:

Estimated Closing Date:
Sales Price:
Seller's/Owner's Expenses Amount  
Mortgage Loan Payoff/Assumption:  
*Annual Property Tax (APT) Amount:  
Prorated Tax Amount: (based on Closing Date & APT)    
Current Year Taxes Due?:

REALTOR Brokerage Fee: %  
Owner's Title Insurance:  
Deed and Affidavit Preparation:  
Closing Fee:

Closing Protection Coverage Fee:  
Title Search/Exam Fee:  
Seller Paid Closing Cost(s):  
Possible Repairs/Maintenance:  
Association Fees:  
TIEFF Fee:  
FHA/VA/Other Fees:  
Home Warranty:  
Total Expenses:  
Balance Due Seller/Owner:  
* Not figured in total expenses

1. The above fees are for estimates only. Please call the office for exact quotes
2. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE when provided with a copy of prior owner’s policy.