Closing Checklist

Items buyers need to bring at closing:

  • Certified or cashier`s check to cover closing costs and the balance of the down payment. This check should be made out in buyer`s name(s).
  • Buyer`s checkbook.
  • Homeowner`s insurance binder or policy on the new home along with a paid receipt for the first year`s premium. Policy amount should cover at least the amount of the mortgage (including FHA MIP if financed). Check with mortgage lender regarding the correct loss payable clause to be included in insurance policy.
  • Name, address and phone number of insurance agent.
  • All mortgagors and their spouses, if any, must be present to sign closing documents and provide picture identification.
  • If you are also selling a home and closing on a previous home before the new one, the lender will require "proof of sale" on the previous home. Check with lender for specific requirements. This would typically include a copy of HUD-1 settlement statement and a copy of a warranty deed conveyed.
  • Provide all previous addresses for the past 10 years for the affidavit to be signed at closing.

Other documentation as may be required by lender ­ proof of creditor paying, gift letter, evidence of deposit, etc.
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